Future Rosies at Camp

From WLWT t.v. in Cincinnati:

Camp Teaches Girls About Carpentry, Welding

‘Rosie’s Girls’ Learn Technical Skills

CINCINNATI — A group of area girls is learning to adopt a can-do attitude at a YWCA summer camp.
Rosie’s Girls, named for the World War II-era icon “Rosie the Riveter,” are learning traditionally male technical skills such as welding and carpentry at Woodward High School.
“They told me it would be something I’ve never done before and that I’m in for a treat, and they’re right,” said camper Kayla Nunn, a Clark Montessori student.

Read more, AND catch a video at the station’s website: http://www.wlwt.com/news/28550295/detail.html#ixzz1Sa2YNrOw

About Jennifer Simpson

Writer, marketing consultant, community builder and teacher. Director of DimeStories International, where authors share their 3-minute stories at open mic events and online. Publisher and editor of the I WRITE BECAUSE project. Find out more at http://JenniferSimpsonWriter.com
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